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Rigid flex printed circuit board (PCB)

Extract of possible base materials

manufacturer / type data sheet
 FCCL (adhesive) Shengyi SF302 » download
 FCCL (adhesiveless) Panasonic R-F775 » download
 Coverlay Shengyi SF302C » download
 Adhesive Taiflex BT
 PI stiffener Taiflex MHK » download
 3M 9460, 6677, 9458 » download
 3M 468 » download
 NO FLOW PP Ventec » download
» download
 Other CCL Arlon » download


data sheet
 HAL - Pb free » download
 HAL leaded
 Immersion tin
 Immersion silver
 Electroless nickel / immersion gold (ENIG)
 Galvanic nickel gold

Manufacturing capabilities

data sheet
 Stack up 2 to 20 » download 
 Via Pad min. Ø 500 µm
 Conductor track width. min  100 µm
 Via hole min. Ø 200 µm
 Via hole annular min. 100 µm
 Component annular min. 200 µm
 Blind Via hole min. Ø 127 µm
 Buried Via hole min. Ø 400 µm
 Press fit +/- 0,05 mm
 Edgeplating yes
 Copper Filled Blind Vias yes
 Resign filled Blind Vias yes
 Soldermask Plugged Vias yes
 Resign Plugged Vias yes
 Copper outlayers size max up to 105 µm
 Copper inlayers size max. up to 105 µm
 Boad thickness min. 0,2 mm
 Board thickness max. 4,0 mm
 Board size max. 400 mm x 730 mm
 Goldfinger galvanic nickel gold depending on customer requirements
 Soldermask green/black/blue/red/white
 Marking print white/black/yellow

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